Tiananmen Square protests o 1989

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Tiananmen Square protests o 1989
Pairt o Cheenese Democracy Muivement in 1989, Revolutions o 1989 an the Cauld War
Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China 1988 (1).jpg
Tiananmen Square in 1988
DateApryle 15 – Juin 4, 1989
(1 month, 2 weeks and 6 days)
Location400 ceeties naitionwide

     Tiananmen Square 39°54′12″N 116°23′30″E / 39.90333°N 116.39167°E / 39.90333; 116.39167Coordinates: 39°54′12″N 116°23′30″E / 39.90333°N 116.39167°E / 39.90333; 116.39167
Caused bi
GoalsA Communist Pairty withoot corruption, wi democratic reforms, freedom o the press an freedom o speech
MethodsHunger strike, sit-in, occupation o public square
Resultit in
  • Enforcement o martial law in certain areas o Beijing executit bi force frae Juin 3, 1989 (declared frae 20 Mey 1989 (1989-05-20) – 10 Januar 1990 (1990-01-10), 7 months and 3 weeks)
  • Protesters (mainly wirkers) an rioters barricadin the PLA truips an nearbi ceevilians shot bi the PLA at multiple steids (excludin Tiananmen Square) in Beijing, hunders tae thoosands killed, thoosands woundit
  • Uncertain reports o few an isolatit daiths o protestors inside Tiananmen Square
  • Several sodgers killed bi rioters on Juin 4 efter civilians war killed on Juin 3 an Juin 4
  • Protest leaders an pro-democracy activists later exiled or impreesoned
  • Some rioters chairged wi veeolent crimes war executit in the follaein months
  • Zhao Ziyang wis purged frae General Secretar an Politburo
  • Jiang Zemin wis promotit tae General Secretar an paramoont leader, wha wis the Pairty Secretar o Shanghai afore.
  • Wastren economic sanctions an airms embargoes on the PRC
  • Mercat reforms delayed
  • Media control tichtened
  • Poleetical reform hautit
Pairties tae the ceevil conflict
Beijing Students' Autonomous Federation
Varsity students
Factory wirkers
Beijing residents
Pro-democracy protesters
 Republic of China (Taiwan) loyalists
Kuomintang Lealists o the Kuomintang
Lead feegurs
Daith(s)218 ceevilians; 10 PLA sodgers; 13 Fowks' Airmed Polis (official govrenment feegurs) 180–2,600 ceevilians; ~50 sodgers an polismen (estimates an retractit Cheenese Reid Cross statement)[1]

The Tiananmen Square protests o 1989, commonly kent in mainland Cheenae as the Juin Fowert Incident (六四事件), war student-led demonstrations in Beijing, the caipital o the Fowkrepublic o Cheenae, in 1989. Mair braidly, it refers tae the popular naitional muivement inspired bi the Beijing protests in that period, whiles referred tae as the '89 Democracy Muivement (八九民运). The protests war forcibly suppressed efter the govrenment declared martial law. In what becam kent in the Wast as the Tiananmen Square Massacre, truips wi assaut rifles an tanks killed at least several hunder demonstrators tryin tae block the militar's advance taewart Tiananmen Square. The nummer o ceevilian daiths haes been estimatit at onywhaur frae hunders tae thoosands.[2]

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