Tiananmen Square

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Tiananmen Square
Tiananmen Square.JPG
Groups o people wander around Tiananmen Square in the late afternoon.
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese天安門廣場
Simplified Chinese天安门广场
Manchu name
Manchu scriptᡝᠯᡥᡝ ᠣᠪᡠᡵᡝ ᡩᡠᡴᠠ
Romanisationelhe obure duka

Tiananmen Square is a ceety square in the centre o Beijing, Cheenae, named efter the Tiananmen ("Gate o Heivenly Peace") locatit tae its north, separatin it frae the Forbidden Ceety.

Coordinates: 39°54′12″N 116°23′30″E / 39.90333°N 116.39167°E / 39.90333; 116.39167