Threads (1984 film)

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Threads is a 1984 Breetish apocalyptic war drama telly film jyntly producit by the BBC, Nine Network an the Western-World Television Inc. Scrieved by Barry Hines an directit an producit by Mick Jackson, hit is a dramatic accoont o nuclear war an hits effects on the ceety o Sheffield in Northren Ingland. The plat centres on twa faimlies as a fecht atween the Unitit States an the Soviet Union stairts. As the nuclear exchynge atween NATO an the Warsaw Pact begins, the film shaws the medical, economic, social an environmental upshots o nuclear war.

Shuitit on a budget o £400,000, the film wis the erest o hits kynd tae shaw nuclear winter. Hit haes bin cried "a film whilk comes closest tae representin the fu horror o nuclear war an hits eftercomes, as weel as the catastrophic dint that the event woud hae on human cultur." Hit haes bin compair't tae the erer programme The War Game producit in Breetain in the 1960s an hits comtemporar marrae The Day After, a 1983 ABC telly film shawin a seemilar seetiation in the Unitit States. Hit wis nominatit fir seiven BAFTA awairds in 1985 an wun fir Best Single Drama, Best Design, Best Film Cameraman and Best Film Editor.