Thornycroft Antar

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Thornycroft Antar
Mighty Antar Trekker 2.jpg
Antar Mk2 tractor and DAF trailer with Centurion tank load
Teep Heavy duty tractor
Place o oreegin  Unitit Kinrick
Service history
In service 1951-1984
Production history
Designer Thornycroft
Manufacturer Thornycroft
Produced 1951-1964
Variants Mk 1, Mk 2, Mk 3
Wecht 44,220 lb (20,060 kg)
Lenth 332 in (843 cm)
Weenth 111 in (282 cm)
Hicht 123 in (312 cm)

Ingine Rover Meteorite Mk 204
1,099 cu in (18.0 L) petrol V8
260 hp (190 kW)
Suspension wheel 6×4
Speed 28 mph (45 km/h)

The Mighty Antar wis a hivy-duty 6×4 tractor unit biggit bi Thornycroft frae the 1940s onwards. For some decades it wis the standard tank transporter o the Breetish Airmy an wis an aw uised bi ither nations. It wis powered bi a shortened V8 land version o the V12 Merlin Aircraft ingine, modified tae run on diesel, an kent as the Rolls-Royce Meteorite.