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X-ray image o the chest shawin the internal anatomy o the rib cage, buffs an hert as well as the inferior thoracic border–made up o the diaphragm.
Surface projections of the organs of the trunk.png
Surface projections o the organs o the trunk, wi the thorax or chest region seen stretchin doun tae approximately the end o the oblique buff fissure anteriorly, but mair deeply it its lawer leemit rather corresponds tae the upper border o the liver.
Laitin thorax
Greek θώραξ
TA A01.1.00.014
FMA 9576
Anatomical terminology

The thorax or chest (Greek: θώραξ, Laitin: thorax) is a pairt o the anatomy o humans an various other ainimals locatit atween the neck an the abdomen.[1][2]

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