Thor Heyerdahl

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Thor Heyerdahl
Thor Heyerdahl aroond 1980
Born6 October 1914(1914-10-06)
Larvik, Norawa
Died18 Apryle 2002(2002-04-18) (aged 87)
Colla Micheri, Italy
Alma materVarsity o Oslo
AwairdsMungo Park Medal (1950)
Scientific career
Doctoral advisorKristine Bonnevie
Hjalmar Broch

Thor Heyerdahl (Norse pronunciation: [tuːr ˈhæɪəɖɑːl]; October 6, 1914 – Aprile 18, 2002) wis a Norse adventurer an ethnografer wi a backgrund in zoology, botany, an geografie. He acame notable for his Kon-Tiki expedeetion in 1947, in which he sailed 8,000 km (5,000 mi) athort the Paceefic Ocean in a haund-biggit raft frae Sooth Americae tae the Tuamotu Islands. The expedeetion wis designed tae demonstrate that auncient fowk coud hae made lang sea voyages, creatin contacts atween separate culturs. This wis airtit tae a diffusionist model o cultural development. Heyerdahl subsequently made ither voyages designed tae demonstrate the possibility o contact atween widely separatit auncient fowk, notably the Ra II expedeetion o 1970, when he sailed frae the wast coast o Africae tae Barbados in a papyrus reed boat. He wis appyntit a govrenment scholart in 1984.

In Mey 2011, the Thor Heyerdahl Airchives war addit tae UNESCO's "Memory o the Warld" Register.[1] At the time, this leet includit 238 collections frae aw ower the warld.[2] The Heyerdahl Airchives span the years 1937 tae 2002 an include his photografic collection, diaries, private letters, expedeetion plans, airticles, newspaper clippins, oreeginal beuk, an airticle manuscripts. The Heyerdahl Airchives are admeenistert bi the Kon-Tiki Museum an the Naitional Leebrar o Norawa in Oslo.

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