Thomas Henry Huxley

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Thomas Henry Huxley
Woodburytype print of Huxley (1880 or earlier)
Born 4 Mey 1825(1825-05-04)
Ealing, Middlesex
Died 29 Juin 1895(1895-06-29) (aged 70)
Eastbourne, Sussex
Residence Lunnon
Naitionality Inglis
Citizenship Unitit Kinrick
Alma mater Sydenham College Lunnon
Charing Cross Hospital
Kent for Evolution, science eddication, agnosticism, Man's Place in Naitur
Awairds Royal Medal (1852)
Wollaston Medal (1876)
Clarke Medal (1880)
Copley Medal (1888)
Linnean Medal (1890)
Scientific career
Fields Zoology; Comparative anatomy
Institutions Ryal Navy, Ryal College o Surgeons, Ryal Schuil o Mines, Ryal Institution Varsity o Lunnon
Academic advisors Thomas Wharton Jones
Notable students Michael Foster
H. G. Wells
Influences Edward Forbes
Charles Darwin
Influenced Patrick Geddes
Henry Fairfield Osborn
H. G. Wells
E. Ray Lankester
William Henry Flower
Aldous Huxley
Julian Huxley

Thomas Henry Huxley PC FRS FLS (/ˈhʌksli/; 4 Mey 1825 – 29 Juin 1895) wis an Inglis biologist (comparative anatomist), kent as "Darwin's Bulldug" for his advocacy o Charles Darwin's theory o evolution.[1]

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