Thomas Erskine, 6t Yerl o Kellie

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The Yerl o Kellie.

Thomas Alexander Erskine, 6t Yerl o Kellie (1 September 1732 – 9 October 1781), styled Viscoont Fentoun an Laird Pittenweem till 1756, wis a Scots muisicker an componer.

Masonic offices
Precedit bi
The Yerl o Blessington
Grand Master o the
Antient Grand Lodge o Ingland

Succeedit bi
Hon. Thomas Mathew
Precedit bi
The Yerl o Elgin
Grand Master o the
Grand Lodge o Scotland

Succeedit bi
James Stewart
Peerage o Scotland
Precedit bi
Alexander Erskine
Yerl o Kellie Succeedit bi
Archibald Erskine