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The Maist Reverend
Thomas Cranmer
Airchbishop o Canterbury
Thomas Cranmer by Gerlach Flicke.jpg
Portrait bi Gerlach Flicke, 1545[1]
Installed 3 December 1533[2]
Term endit 4 December 1555
Predecessor William Warham
Successor Reginald Pole
Consecration 30 Mairch 1533
Personal details
Born 2 Julie 1489
Aslockton, Nottinghamshire, Ingland
Died 21 Mairch 1556 (aged 66)
Oxford, Oxfordshire, Ingland
Buried Ashes scattered efter execution
Naitionality Inglis
Denomination Anglican
Profession Airchbishop o Canterbury
Alma mater Jesus College, Cambridge

Thomas Cranmer (2 Julie 1489 – 21 Mairch 1556) wis a leader o the Inglis Reformation an Airchbishop o Canterbury during the reigns o Henry VIII, Edward VI an, for a short time, Mary I.

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