Thirty Years' War

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Thirty Years' War
Pairt o European wars o releegion
Hanging from The Miseries and Misfortunes of War by Jacques Callot.jpg
Les Grandes Misères de la guerre (The Great Miseries o War) bi Jacques Callot, 1632
Date23 Mey 1618 – 15 Mey 1648
(29 years, 11 months, 3 weeks, an 1 day)
LocationEurope, mainly present-day Germany

Peace o Westphalie


Anti-Habsburg States an Allies:
Swaden Swaden (frae 1630)
Denmark Denmark (1625–1629)
 Unitit Provinces
 Fraunce (from 1635)
Bohemie Bohemie (1618–1620)
The Palatinate (till 1623)
Coat of Arms of Brunswick-Lüneburg.svg Brunswick-Lüneburg
 Ingland (1625–30)[1]
 Scotland (1625–38)[2]
Transylvanie (frae 1619)[3]

Supportit bi:
Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire

Roushie Tsardom[4]

Habsburg States an Allies:
 Haly Roman Empire

Spain Spaingie Empire
Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy.svg Hungary[5]
 Kinrick o Croatie
Denmark Denmark (1643–1645)[6]

Supportit bi:

Zaporizhian Cossacks
Commanders an leaders

Swaden Gustavus Adolphus 
Swaden Axel Oxenstierna
Swaden Johan Banér
Swaden Lennart Torstenson
Swaden Gustav Horn
Swaden Carl Gustaf Wrangel
Swaden Charles X Gustav
Swaden Kinrick o Scotland James Spens
Swaden Kinrick o Scotland Alexander Leslie
Swaden Kinrick o Scotland Kinrick o Ingland James 3rd Marquis Hamilton
Kinrick o Fraunce Louis XIII o Fraunce
Kinrick o Fraunce Cardinal Richelieu
Kinrick o Fraunce Marquis de Feuquieres  
Kinrick o Fraunce Henri, Prince o Condé
Kinrick o Fraunce Duke o Gramont
Kinrick o Fraunce Gaspard III de Coligny
Kinrick o Fraunce Louis II de Bourbon
Kinrick o Fraunce Urbain de Maillé-Brézé
Kinrick o Fraunce Vicomte de Turenne
Swaden Kinrick o Fraunce Kinrick o Scotland John Hepburn
Bohemie Frederick V, Elector Palatine
Bohemie Jindřich Matyáš Thurn
Bohemie Christian I o Anhalt-Bernburg
Denmark Christian IV o Denmark
Denmark Kinrick o Scotland Robert Maxwell, 1st Earl o Nithsdale
Electorate o Saxony Bernhard o Saxe-Weimar
Electorate o Saxony Johann Georg I o Saxony
Dutch Republic Maurice o Nassau
Dutch Republic Piet Pieterszoon Hein
Dutch Republic William o Nassau
Dutch Republic Frederik Hendrik o Orange
Dutch Republic Maarten Tromp
Dutch Republic Ernst Casimir
Dutch Republic Hendrik Casimir I
Kinrick o Ingland Kinrick o Scotland Charles I Stuart
Kinrick o Ingland Duke o Buckingham
Kinrick o Ingland Sir Horace Vere
Gabriel Bethlen
Ernst von Mansfeld
Coat of Arms of Brunswick-Lüneburg.svg Christian o Brunswick

Mikhail Borisovich Shein

Holy Roman Empire Ferdinand II
Holy Roman Empire Ferdinand III
Holy Roman Empire Albrecht von Wallenstein
Holy Roman Empire Spain Ottavio Piccolomini
Holy Roman Empire Franz von Mercy  
Holy Roman Empire Johann von Werth
Holy Roman Empire Gottfried Heinrich Graf zu Pappenheim  
Holy Roman Empire Raimondo Montecuccoli
Holy Roman Empire Peter Melander Graf von Holzappel  
Holy Roman Empire Spain Airchduke Leopold Wilhelm o Austrick
Spain Philip III o Spain
Spain Philip IV o Spain
Spain Coont-Duke o Olivares
Spain Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba
Spain Holy Roman Empire Charles de Longueval, Coont o Bucquoy
Spain Ambrosio Spinola
Spain Carlos Coloma
Spain Holy Roman Empire Johann Tserclaes, Coont o Tilly  
Spain Duke o Feria
Spain Francisco de Melo
Spain Cardinal-Infante Ferdinand
Spain Holy Roman Empire Matthias Gallas
Maximilian I o Bavarie
Charles IV, Duke o Lorraine
Sigismund III o Poland

Ivan Sirko

149,000 Swades (1632)[10]
135,000 Danes (1625)[11]
77,000 Dutch (1629)[12]
6,000 Transylvanians

60,000 Ottoman cavalry (as support tae Frederick V, Elector Palatine)
Amang ithers, aboot 20,000 Hungarian an Croatie cavalry[14]
Casualties an losses
8,000,000 includin ceevilian casualties[15]

The Thirty Years' War wis a series o wars in Central Europe atween 1618 an 1648. It wis ane o the langest an maist destructive conflicts in European history.[16] It wis the deadliest European releegious war, resultin in aicht million casualties.

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