Third Cooncil o Constantinople

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Third Cooncil o Constantinople
Date 680–681
Acceptit bi Roman Catholics, Eastren Orthodox, Auld Catholics
Previous cooncil
Seicont Cooncil o Constantinople
Next cooncil
Seicont Cooncil o Nicaea
Convoked bi Emperor Constantine IV
Preses Patriarch George I o Constantinople
Attendance perhaps 300; signatories tae the documents ranged from 43 (first session) to 174 (last session)
Topics Monothelitism, the human an divine wills o Jesus
Documents an statements
condemnation o Monothelitism
Chronological leet o ecumenical cooncils

The Third Cooncil o Constantinople, coontit as the Saxt Ecumenical Cooncil[1] bi the Orthodox Kirk, the Catholic Kirk an ither Christian groups, met in 680/681 an condemned monoenergism an monothelitism as heretical an defined Jesus Christ as havin twa energies an twa wills (divine an human).[2]

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