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View o the Thermopylae pass frae the aurie o the Phocian Waw. In auncient times, the coastline would hae been much closer tae the moontain, near the road tae the richt. This is a result o sedimentary deposeetion.

Thermopylae (Auncient an Katharevousa Greek: Θερμοπύλαι [tʰermopýlai], Demotic: Θερμοπύλες [θermoˈpiles]: "het gates") is a place in Greece where a narrae coastal passage exeestit in antiquity. It derives its name frae its het sulphur springs.[1] The Het Gates is "the place o het springs" an in Greek meethologie it is the cavernous entrances tae Hades".[2]

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Coordinates: 38°48′19″N 22°33′46″E / 38.80528°N 22.56278°E / 38.80528; 22.56278