Theophilos (emperor)

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Emperor o the Byzantine Empire
Emperor Theophilos Chronicle of John Skylitzes.jpg
Theophilus, in the Chronicle o John Skylitzes
Ring 2 October 829 – 20 Januar 842
Predecessor Michael II
Successor Michael III
Born 813
Dee'd 20 Januar 842 (aged 28)
Consort Theodora
Issue Constantine, Michael III, Maria, Thekla, Anna, Anastasia, Pulcheria
Dynasty Phrygian Dynasty
Faither Michael II
Mither Thekla

Theophilos (Greek: Θεόφιλος; sometimes Latinised or Anglicised as Theophilus; 813 – 20 Januar 842 AD) wis the Byzantine Emperor frae 829 till his daith in 842.