Theophilos (emperor)

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Emperor o the Byzantine Empire
Emperor Theophilos Chronicle of John Skylitzes.jpg
Theophilus, in the Chronicle o John Skylitzes
Ring2 October 829 – 20 Januar 842
PredecessorMichael II
SuccessorMichael III
Dee'd20 Januar 842 (aged 28)
IssueConstantine, Michael III, Maria, Thekla, Anna, Anastasia, Pulcheria
DynastyPhrygian Dynasty
FaitherMichael II

Theophilos (Greek: Θεόφιλος; whiles Latinised or Anglicised as Theophilus; 813 – 20 Januar 842 AD) wis the Byzantine Emperor frae 829 till his daith in 842.