Theodor Schwann

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Theodor Schwann
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Theodor Schwann
Born 7 December 1810(1810-12-07)
Neuss, First French Empire (nou in Germany)
Died 11 Januar 1882(1882-01-11) (aged 71)
Cologne, German Empire
Fields Biology
Eddication Humboldt Varsity o Berlin (1834)
Varsity o Bonn
Varsity o Würzburg
Kent for Cell theory
Schwann cells
Influences Johannes Peter Müller
Notable awairds Copley Medal

Theodor Schwann (7 December 1810 – 11 Januar 1882) wis a German pheesiologist. His mony contreibutions tae biology include the development o cell theory, the discovery o Schwann cells in the peripheral nervous seestem, the discovery an study o pepsin, the discovery o the organic naitur o baurm, an the invention o the term metabolism.