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Illustrerad Verldshistoria band I Ill 116.png
Herm o Themistocles
Native nameΘεμιστοκλής
Bornc.524 BC
Frearrioi (modren Feriza close tae Anavyssos)
Dee'd459 BC
Magnesia on the Maeander
AllegianceAthens (tae c. 471 BC)
Persie (469–459 BC)
RankGeneral (Strategos)
Battles/warsFirst Persie invasion o Greece

Seicont Persie invasion o Greece

Themistocles (/θəˈmɪstəˌklz/; Greek: Θεμιστοκλῆς [tʰemistoklɛ̂ːs] Themistokles; "Glory o the Law";[1] c. 524–459 BC) wis an Athenian politeecian an general.

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