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Herm o Themistocles
Native name Θεμιστοκλής
Born c.524 BC
Frearrioi (modren Feriza close tae Anavyssos)
Dee'd 459 BC
Magnesia on the Maeander
Allegiance Athens (tae c. 471 BC)
Persie (469–459 BC)
Rank General (Strategos)

First Persie invasion o Greece

Seicont Persie invasion o Greece

Themistocles (/θəˈmɪstəˌklz/; Greek: Θεμιστοκλῆς [tʰemistoklɛ̂ːs] Themistokles; "Glory o the Law";[1] c. 524–459 BC) wis an Athenian politeecian an general.

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