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The Times
The Times header.png
Times 1788.12.04.jpg
Front page o The Times frae 4 December 1788
Teep Daily newspaper
Format Compact
Awner(s) News UK
Editor John Witherow[1]
Foondit 1 Januar 1785; 234 years ago (1785-01-01) (as The Daily Universal Register)
Poleetical alignment Centre-richt
Heidquarters Lunnon Brig, Lunnon
Kintra Unitit Kinrick
Circulation 396,621 (January 2015)[2]
Sister newspapers The Sunday Times
ISSN 0140-0460

The Times is a Breetish daily (Monanday tae Setturday) naitional newspaper based in Lunnon, Ingland. It began in 1785 unner the teetle The Daily Universal Register, adoptin its current name on 1 Januar 1788. The Times an its sister paper The Sunday Times (foondit in 1821) are published bi Times Newspapers, syne 1981 a subsidiary o News UK, itsel wholly ained bi the News Corp group heidit bi Rupert Murdoch. The Times an The Sunday Times dinna share eeditorial staff, war foondit independently an hae anly haed common ainership syne 1967.

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