The Sims 3

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The Sims 3
The 2009-2010 box art for The Sims 3 Base Game
Developer(s) The Sims Studio (Maxis)
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Producer(s) JoAnna Lio Amos
Lyndsay Pearson
Airtist(s) Morgan Godat
Componer(s) Steve Jablonsky[1]
Series The Sims
Platforms Microsoft Windows, OS X
Release date(s)
        Genre(s) Life simulation
        Mode(s) Single-player

        The Sims 3 is the third major teetle in the life simulation video gemme developed bi The Sims Studio (Maxis) an published bi Electronic Arts. It is the sequel tae the best-sellin computer gemme, The Sims 2.

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