The Parent Trap (1998 film)

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The Parent Trap
Theatrical release poster
Directit bi Nancy Meyers
Produced bi Charles Shyer
Screenplay bi
Based on Lottie an Lisa
bi Erich Kästner
Muisic bi Alan Silvestri
Cinematography Dean Cundey
Eeditit bi Stephen A. Rotter
Distributit bi Buena Vista Pictures Distribution
Release date
  • Julie 29, 1998 (1998-07-29) (Unitit States)
  • December 11, 1998 (1998-12-11) (Unitit Kinrick)
Rinnin time
128 meenits[1]
Kintra Unitit States[2][3]
Leid Inglis
Budget $15 million[4]
Box office $92.1 million[5]

The Parent Trap is a 1998 American romantic comedy-drama film co-written an directit bi Nancy Meyers, an produced an co-written bi Charles Shyer. It is a remak o the 1961 film o the same name an an adaptation o Erich Kästner's German novelle Lottie an Lisa (Das doppelte Lottchen).

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