The Mey

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The Mey
Gaelic name Eilean Mhàigh
Norse name Máeyar (cf. plural)
Meanin o name Uncertaint
The Mey is locatit in Fife
The Mey
The Mey
The Mey shawn within Fife
OS grid reference NT656992
Coordinates 56°11′N 2°33′W / 56.18°N 2.55°W / 56.18; -2.55
Physical geography
Island group Islands o the Forth
Aurie 45 hectares (110 acres)
Aurie rank 210= [1]
Heichest elevation 50 metres (160 ft)
Sovereign state Unitit Kinrick
Kintra Scotland
Cooncil aurie Fife
Population 0[2]



The Mey is locatit in the north o the ooter Firth o Forth, approximately 8 km (5.0 mi) aff the coast o mainland Scotland.

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Coordinates: 56°11′9″N 2°33′27″W / 56.18583°N 2.55750°W / 56.18583; -2.55750