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The Left
Die Linke
Chairperson Katja Kipping
Bernd Riexinger
Foondit 16 Juin 2007 (2007-06-16)
Merger o PDS
Heidquarters Karl-Liebknecht-Haus
Kl. Alexanderstraße 28
D-10178 Berlin
Newspaper Neues Deutschland
Think tank Rosa Luxemburg Foundation
Student weeng Die Linke.SDS
Youth weeng Left Youth Solit
Membership  (December 2015) Decrease 58,989[1]
Ideology Democratic socialism
Left-weeng populism[2]
Poleetical poseetion Left-weeng
European affiliation Pairty o the European Left
European Pairlament group European Unitit Left–Nordic Green Left
Colours      Purpie (customary for election coverage)[6][7]
     Reid (offeecial)
64 / 630
State Pairlaments
159 / 1,855
European Pairlament
7 / 96
Prime Meenisters o States
1 / 16

The Left (German: Die Linke), an aa commonly referred tae as the Left Pairty (German: Linkspartei), is a democratic socialist[8] an left-weeng populist[2] poleetical pairty in Germany. The pairty wis foondit in 2007 as the merger o the Pairty o Democratic Socialism (PDS) an the Electoral Alternative for Labour an Social Juistice (WASG).[9]

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