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The Independent
The Independent logo.svg
Front page o The Independent datit 10 August 2016
Teep Newspaper
(Online anerly as o 27 Mairch 2016)
Format Wabsteid
Awner(s) Sultan Muhammad Abuljadayel
Alexander Lebedev
Evgeny Lebedev
Publisher Independent Print Limited
Editor Christian Broughton
Foondit 7 October 1986; 33 years ago (1986-10-07)
Poleetical alignment Leeberal
Heidquarters Northcliffe House
Ceety Lunnon
Kintra Unitit Kinrick
Circulation 54,187, Monanday tae Setturday; 90,248 Sunday (Februar 2016)[1]
Sister newspapers The Independent on Sunday (1990 - 2016)
i (2010 - February 2013)
Online anerly indy100 (syne Februar 2013)
ISSN 0951-9467
OCLC number 185201487
Wabsteid Offeecial wabsteid. Sister website

The Independent is a Breetish online newspaper.[2]

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