The Herald (Glesga)

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The Herald
Teep Daily newspaper
Format Braidsheet
Awner(s) Newsquest (Gannett Company)
Publisher Herald & Times Group
Editor Graeme Smith
Foondit 1783
Poleetical alignment The Herald disna endorse ony poleetical pairty, but oppones Scots unthirldom
Leid Inglis
Heidquarters 200 Renfield Street
Glesga, Scotland
Readership The Herald haes a prent circulation o 28,900. Its Newsquest Scotland wabsteids hae 41m page views a month.
Sister newspapers Evening Times
Sunday Herald
The National
ISSN 0965-9439
OCLC number 29991088

The Herald is a Scots braidsheet newspaper foondit in 1783.[1] The Herald is the langest runnin naitional newspaper in the warld[2] an is the aicht auldest daily paper in the warld.[3]

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