The Herald (Glesga)

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The Herald
TeepDaily newspaper
Awner(s)Newsquest (Gannett Company)
PublisherHerald & Times Group
EditorGraeme Smith
Poleetical alignmentThe Herald disna endorse ony poleetical pairty, but oppones Scots unthirldom
Heidquarters200 Renfield Street
Glesga, Scotland
ReadershipThe Herald haes a prent circulation o 28,900. Its Newsquest Scotland wabsteids hae 41m page views a month.
Sister newspapersEvening Times
Sunday Herald
The National
OCLC number29991088

The Herald is a Scots braidsheet newspaper foondit in 1783.[1] The Herald is the langest runnin naitional newspaper in the warld[2] an is the aicht auldest daily paper in the warld.[3]

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