The Godfather Part II

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The Godfather Part II
Godfather part ii.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directit bi Francis Ford Coppola
Produced bi Francis Ford Coppola
Screenplay bi
Based on The Godfather
bi Mario Puzo
Muisic bi Nino Rota
Cinematografie Gordon Willis
Eeditit bi
Coppola Company
Distributit bi Paramount Pictures
Release date
  • December 12, 1974 (1974-12-12) (New York City)
  • December 20, 1974 (1974-12-20) (Unitit States)
Runnin time
200 minutes[1]
Kintra Unitit States
Budget $13 million[2][3]
Box office $47.5–57.3 million (North America)[2][3]

The Godfather Part II is a 1974 American epic crime film produced an directit bi Francis Ford Coppola frae a screenplay co-written wi Mario Puzo, starnin Al Pacino an Robert De Niro. Pairtially based on Puzo's 1969 novelle The Godfather, the film is baith sequel an prequel tae The Godfather, presentin parallel dramas: ane picks up the 1958 story o Michael Corleone (Pacino), the new Don o the Corleone crime faimily, pertectin the faimily business in the eftermath o an attempt on his life; the prequel covers the jurney o his faither, Vito Corleone (De Niro), frae his Sicilian bairnhuid tae the foondin o his faimily enterprise in New York Ceety.

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