The Football Association

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The Football Association
Foondit 26 October 1863
FIFA affiliation 1905–1918
UEFA affiliation 1954
IFAB affiliation 1886
Preses HRH The Duke o Cambridge

The Football Association, kent simply as the FA an aw, is the govrenin bouk o fitbaa in Ingland, an the Croun dependencies o Jersey, Guernsey an the Isle o Man. Shapit in 1863, it is the auldest fitbaa association in the warld an is responsible for owerseein aw aspects o the amateur an profeesional gemme in its territory.

The FA sanctions aw competitive fitbaa matches athin its remit at naitional level, an indirectly at local level throu the County Football Associations. It runs numerous competeetions, the maist famous o which is the FA Cup. It is responsible for appointin the management o the men's, weemen's an youth naitional fitbaa teams.

The FA is a member o baith UEFA an FIFA an haulds a permanent seat on the International Football Association Board (IFAB) which is responsible for the laws o the gemme. As the first fitbaa association, it daes no uise the naitional name "English" in its title. The FA is based at Wembley Stadium, Lunnon.