The Coca-Cola Company

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The Coca-Cola Company
Treddit as NYSEKO
Dow Jones Industrial Average Component
S&P 500 Component
Industrie Beverage
Foondit 1886; 133 years ago (1886)
Foonder Asa Griggs Candler
Heidquarters Ane Coca-Cola Plaza,
Atlanta, Georgie
, Unitit States
Aurie served
Warldwide Except Cuba an North Korea
Key fowk
Muhtar Kent
(Chairman an CEO)
James Quincey
(Preses an COO)
Products Leet o The Coca-Cola Company products
Revenue Decrease US$44.294 billion (2015)[1]
Decrease US$8.728 billion (2015)[1]
Decrease US$7.351 billion (2015)[1]
Tot assets Decrease US$90.093 billion (2015)[1]
Tot equity Decrease US$25.554 billion (2015)[1]
Nummer o employees
123,200 (2016)[1]
Subsidiaries Leet o The Coca-Cola Company subsidiaries

The Coca-Cola Company is an American heestorical multinaitional beverage corporation an manufacturer, retailer, an mercater o nonalcoholic beverage concentrates an syrups, which is heidquartered in Atlanta, Georgie.[2]

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