The Black League

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The Black League is a metal baund frae Finland. They wur formed in 1998 bi Taneli Jarva, three years efter his depairture frae Finnish metal hivyweights Sentenced. The Black League's first twa full-lengths carry on the spirit frae Taneli's wirk wi his umwhile baund, saisonin their metal wi elements o traditional rock 'n' roll. On their third release, Man's Ruin Revisited, these influences take an even mair prominent role in their soond.

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Demos[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Demo 98 (1998)

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  • Winter Winds Sing (2000)
  • Rex Talionis (2002)
  • Same Ol' Fuckery (2005)
  • The Pusher (2007)
  • The Beast Is A Riddle (2009)

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