Terry Bogard

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Terry Bogard
'Fatal Fury an The King of Fighters' chairacter
First gemmeFatal Fury: King of Fighters (1991)

Terry Bogard (テリー・ボガード, Terī Bogādo) is a video gemme chairacter creatit bi SNK, an is the main chairacter o the Fatal Fury series. In the series, he is an American fechter wha enters the warldwide toornaments cried The King of Fighters tae kill Geese Howard, a creeminal wha killed Terry's faither. Terry becomes a formidable fechter, earnin the teetle o "Legendary Hungry Wolf". In the fowert toornament he pairteecipates, Terry nearly kills Geese, but relents at the last moment. Geese responds tae this bi apparently committin suicide. Terry then decides tae become the guardian o Geese's son, Rock Howard.

In addeetion tae video gemmes, Terry haes appeared in anime films based on his adventurs frae the Fatal Fury series, as well as soondtracks an manga serialisit tae Japanese monthly manga magazine Comic Bom Bom. He is a regular chairacter in the crossower video gemme series The King of Fighters an aw, in which he continues pairteecipatin in toornaments. Datin back tae the first Fatal Fury, Terry is ane of SNK's first fechtin gemme chairacters an haes appeared as a playable chairacter in ivery Fatal Fury an main King of Fighters gemme tae date.[4][5]

The chairacter haes been well receivit bi video gemmes players; he is rankit heich in several popularity polls developit bi SNK an video gemmes magazines. Publications hae praisit the chairacter an hou he wis developit frae Fatal Fury tae The King of Fighters. He is prominently featurt on merchandise frae SNK an their crossower series, becomin a icon for thaim.

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