Tercera División de México

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Tercera División de México
Kintra Mexico
Confederation CONCACAF
Foondit 1967
Diveesions 14 groups
Nummer o teams 211
Levels on pyramid 4
Promotion tae

Champion - Liga Premier de Ascenso

Runner Up - Liga de Nuevos Talentos
Current champions Tuzos Pachuca
Wabsteid terceradivision.com.mx
Torneo Clausura 2014

Tercera División is Mexico's fowert tier in the Mexican fitbaw league seestem. The Tercera División (Third Diveesion) is dividit intae 14 groups. For the 2009/2010 saison, the format o the toornament haes been reorganisit tae a hame an awa format, which aw teams will play in their respective group. The 14 groups consist o teams who are eligible for promotion, teams who are affiliatit with teams in the Primera División an Liga de Ascenso (Primera División A), which are no eligible for promotion an teams for a promotional toornament, which mak up group 14 an are no eligible for promotion as well.

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