Tennessee River

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Tennessee River
Tennessee River Airl.jpg
The Tennessee River in dountoun Knoxville frae the tap o Neyland Stadium
Kintra Unitit States
States Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky
Soorce Confluence o French Broad an Holston rivers at Knoxville
 - elevation 813 ft (248 m) [1]
 - coordinates 35°57′33″N 83°51′01″W / 35.95917°N 83.85028°W / 35.95917; -83.85028 [2]
Mooth Ohio River at Livingston / McCracken coonties, near Paducah, Kentucky
 - elevation 302 ft (92 m) [3]
 - coordinates 37°04′02″N 88°33′53″W / 37.06722°N 88.56472°W / 37.06722; -88.56472Coordinates: 37°04′02″N 88°33′53″W / 37.06722°N 88.56472°W / 37.06722; -88.56472 [2]
Lenth 652 mi (1,049 km) [2]
Basin 40,876 sq mi (105,868 km2) [4]
 - average 70,575 cu ft/s (1,998 m3/s) [4]
 - max 500,000 cu ft/s (14,158 m3/s)
Tennessee watershed.png
Map of the Tennessee River watershed
Tennessee River.jpg
Tributaries, lakes, and cities associated with the Tennessee River

The Tennessee River is the lairgest tributary o the Ohio River. It is approximately 652 mile (1,049 km) lang an is locatit in the sootheastren Unitit States in the Tennessee Valley. The river wis ance popularly kent as the Cherokee River, amang other names, as mony o the Cherokee haed thair territory alang its banks, especially in eastren Tennessee an northren Alabama.[2] Its current name is derived frae the Cherokee veelage Tanasi.[5]

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