Tenerife airport disaster

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Tenerife airport disaster
KLM Flicht 4805 · Pan Am Flicht 1736
DateMairch 27, 1977
SummaryRunwey collision
Los Rodeos Airport
(nou Tenerife-North Airport)
Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
Tot fatalities583
Tot injures61
Tot survivors61 (aw war on buird Pan Am Flicht 1736)
First aircraft
KLM Boeing 747-200 PH-BUF (7491686916).jpg
PH-BUF, the KLM Boeing 747-206B
involved in the accident
TeepBoeing 747-206B
NameRijn ("Rhine")
OperatorKLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Flicht oreeginSchiphol Airport
Amsterdam, Netherlands
DestinationGran Canaria Airport
Canary Islands, Spain
Fatalities248 (aw)
Seicont aircraft
Boeing 747-121, Pan American World Airways - Pan Am AN1399875.jpg
A Pan Am Boeing 747-121
similar to the one involved
TypeBoeing 747–121
NameClipper Victor
OperatorPan American World Airways
Flicht oreeginLos Angeles Int'l Airport
Los Angeles, United States
StapowerJohn F. Kennedy Int'l Airport
New York Ceety, Unitit States
DestinationGran Canaria Airport
Canary Islands, Spain
(326 passengers, 9 crew)

On Mairch 27, 1977, twa Boeing 747 passenger jets, KLM Flicht 4805 an Pan Am Flicht 1736, collidit on the runwey at Los Rodeos Airport (now Tenerife North Airport), on the Spaingie island o Tenerife, Canary Islands,[1][2] killin 583 fowk, an makkin it the deidliest accident in aviation history.

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Coordinates: 28°28′54″N 16°20′18″W / 28.48165°N 16.3384°W / 28.48165; -16.3384