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Frae Wikipedia, the free beuk o knawledge

Walcome tae Wikipaedia![eedit soorce]

Hello, an walcome tae Wikipaedia! Thank ye for yer contreibutions. I hope ye lik the place an decide tae stay. Here are some pages ye micht lik tae see:

Ye are walcome tae continue editin wioot loggin in, but ye mey want tae consider creating an accoont. Daein sae is free, requires no personal information, an provides several benefits. If ye edit wioot a uisername, yer IP address (Walcome-anon) is uised tae identify ye instead.

In ony case, I hope ye enjoy editin here an bein a Wikipedian! Please sign yer comments on collogue pages uisin fower tildes (~~~~); this will automatically produce yer IP address (or uisername if ye're logged in) an the date. If ye need help, check oot Wikipedia:Quaistens, ask me on ma collogue page, or ask yer quaisten an then place {{helpme}} afore the quaisten on this page. Again, walcome!