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This template adds the siller mark "US$" linked tae the Unitit States dollar airticle.


  • value must be specified.

{{US$|123.45}} produces US$123.45.

Inflation calculation[eedit]

The template nou supports calculation o inflation. A seicont parameter can be uised tae specify a year atween 1913 an 2009 an will calculate the relative value in 2015.


A third parameter about will cause the template tae calculate tae the nearest dollar instead o the nearest cent. This can be activatit bi teepin about=yes.


  • {{US$|10|1935}}US$10 ($167.45 in 2015)
  • {{US$|10|1935|round=0}}US$10 ($167 in 2015)
  • {{US$|1000|1935|round=2}}US$1,000 ($16,745.15 in 2015)
  • {{US$|1000|1935|round=-2}}US$1,000 ($16,700 in 2015)


The link parameter mey be uised tae link US$ tae the airticle Unitit States dollar. This is turned aff bi default, but mey be appropriate for the first occurrence o the term in an airticle.


  • {{US$|10|1935|link=yes}}US$10 ($167.45 in 2015)

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