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Uisage[eedit soorce]

This template is for uise in monitorin airticles that hae been moved aff o the short pages reports. When pages on the short pages reports reach a minimum level o quality thay are generally bumped aff o the reports tae allae ither pages ontae the reports, as these ither pages will generally an aa need attention tae bring them up tae a minimum level o quality as well. But thare is an aa a need tae an aa continue tae follae these bumped pages as a soorce o short airticles for wirk fleshin oot.

This template is automatically put intae place bi {{Lang comment}} when that template is uised tae bump airticles aff o the Short Pages reports. Pages that hae been bumped can then be tracked an monitored either via the "Whit airts here" airtin at the left, or via the hidden category Category:Monitored short pages that this template places on pages.

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