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The template is for makin references tae version 2010.2 o the IUCN Red Leet o Threatened Species. Further comments can be added efter the template.

Here are links tae the IUCN species search engine, user's guide and help video.


Aw parameters are required.

{{IUCN2010.2|assessors= |year= |id= |title= |downloaded= }}

Example o uisage

{{IUCN2010.2|assessors=Wiles, G.|year=2008|id=14144|title= Myotis ater|downloaded= 27 June 2010}}

will be displayed as

  • Wiles, G. (2008). "Myotis ater". IUCN Reid Leet o Threatened Species. Version 2010.2. Internaitional Union for Conservation o Naitur. Retrieved 27 June 2010.


The suggested citation at the bottom of an IUCN details page contains all the data needed by this template except for the id, which is obtained from the page url.

The {{{ref}}} parameter is supported to optionally allow ref names to be specified, such as "harv" or {{harvid}}.

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