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"Template:Editrequest" redirects here. For editing a page when you have a conflict of interest, see Template:Request edit.

This template is placed on a talk page to request an edit of the corresponding fully protected page. The template should be accompanied by a clear and specific description of the requested change, and consensus should be obtained before the template is added. Please see Wikipedia:Edit requests for guidance, especially if this is the first time you are making an edit request.

To report an error you have noticed on the current main page or tomorrow's main page, please add it to the appropriate section on Wikipedia:Main Page/Errors instead of using this template.

Usage[eedit soorce]

Basic usage[eedit soorce]

{{Edit fully-protected}}

Specify pages to be edited[eedit soorce]

{{Edit fully-protected|First page to be edited|Second page to be edited|...}}

Deactivate a request[eedit soorce]

{{Edit fully protected}}

All parameters[eedit soorce]

{{edit fully-protected
| First page to be edited | Second page to be edited | Third page to be edited | ...
| answered = 
| demo     = 

Parameters[eedit soorce]

All parameters are optional:

  • positional parameters – Specify pages to be edited. You can add an unlimited number of pages.
  • |answered= or |ans= – Set this to "yes", "y", "true" or "1" to mark the edit request as answered. This removes the page from the edit request category.
  • |demo= – Set this to "yes", "y", "true" or "1" to demonstrate the template. This suppresses categories and namespace checks.

Responding to requests[eedit soorce]

See Wikipedia:Edit requests#Responding to requests.

See also[eedit soorce]