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This template is uised tae convert commonly abbreviatit things such as kintras, states, provinces, an even leid codes tae an frae their abbreviations. A hierarchical tree o subtemplates allous this template tae convert virtually onything, which is really guid for use in a backdoor template. If you hae the wird "Californie", but the template you're treein tae uise will anerly recognize "CA", uise this tae convert it!

Hou tae uise the template[eedit soorce]

Syntax: {{ConvertAbbrev|datatype|specification|value|force=abbr or long}}

This template consists o a "tree" o subtemplates conteenin databases o abbreviations. Each successive parameter in the code input tells the template which database to query. The datatype parameter is the most broad and tells the template what type of information you are looking for (i.e. Countries, states, or languages). The specification parameter refines the search. For example, if the datatype parameter is "ISO 3166-1", that tells the template to look for a subtype (alpha2, alpha3, or numeric). If the datatype parameter is "ISO 3166-2", the template will look for a specific country (Canada, Mexico, United States, etc.). If the datatype parameter is "ISO 639-1", the template looks for the name of a language (English, Spanish, Zulu, etc.). The value parameter is the actual name or abbreviation the user wishes to convert.

The force parameter overrides the normal nature of the conversion and forces an abbreviation or a long word to be returned. This is useful when a user may input either an abbreviation or a full name, but the template in question can only accept one of them.

If the ISO codes are a little haurd tae remember, thare are forbye shortcuts:

  • {{ConvertAbbrev|ISO 3166-1|alpha-2|__country__}} can also be called by
    • {{ConvertAbbrev|Countries|alpha-2|__country__}} or
    • {{ConvertAbbrev|Countries|__country__}}.
      Note: The default for country abbreviations is alpha-2. For alpha-3 and numeric abbreviations, the user must specify the type in the specification parameter.
  • {{ConvertAbbrev|ISO 3166-2|CA|__province__}} can also be called by
  • {{ConvertAbbrev|ISO 639-1|__language__}} can also be called by
    • {{ConvertAbbrev|Languages|-1|__language__}} or
    • {{ConvertAbbrev|Languages|__language__}}.
      Note: The default for language abbreviations is ISO 639-1. For ISO 639-2 abbreviations, the user must specify the type in the specification parameter.
  • {{ConvertAbbrev|ISO 639-2|__language__}} can also be called by

Supportit datasets[eedit soorce]

Countries supported in ISO 3166-2:
     Not yet supported
     Does not exist in ISO 3166-2

Uisage Examples[eedit soorce]

From Name to Abbreviation
Code Returns
{{ConvertAbbrev|ISO 3166-1|alpha-2|United Kingdom}} GB
{{ConvertAbbrev|Countries|alpha-3|United States}} USA
{{ConvertAbbrev|ISO 3166-2|CA|Alberta}} Template:ConvertAbbrev/ISO 3166-2/404
{{ConvertAbbrev|Countries|Mexico|Federal District}} Template:ConvertAbbrev/ISO 3166-2/404
{{ConvertAbbrev|ISO 639-1|Russian}} Template:ConvertAbbrev/ISO 639-1
{{ConvertAbbrev|Languages|Chinese}} Template:ConvertAbbrev/ISO 639-1
Frae Abbreviation tae Name
Code Returns
{{ConvertAbbrev|ISO 3166-1|alpha-2|GB}} United Kingdom
{{ConvertAbbrev|Countries|alpha-3|USA}} United States
{{ConvertAbbrev|ISO 3166-2|CA|AB}} Template:ConvertAbbrev/ISO 3166-2/404
{{ConvertAbbrev|Countries|Mexico|DF}} Template:ConvertAbbrev/ISO 3166-2/404
{{ConvertAbbrev|ISO 639-1|ru}} Template:ConvertAbbrev/ISO 639-1
{{ConvertAbbrev|Languages|zh}} Template:ConvertAbbrev/ISO 639-1

Sub-pages[eedit soorce]

For a leet o aw the sub-pages o this template, see: Special:PrefixIndex/Template:ConvertAbbrev