Template:Barnstar documentation

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This template is uised tae provide generic documentation for maist o the barnstar templates.

Parameters available are:

  • |for= Uised tae briefly describe whit the awaird is for.
  • |alt= set tae yes if thare is an alt parameter which is uised tae shaw an alternative image.
  • |nomessage= set tae yes if thare is not any option tae customise the awairds message.
  • |autosign= set tae yes if the template automatically signs the message.
  • |header= Uised tae add ony heider notes tae docs. Add things such as shortcut airtins here.
  • |footer= Uised tae add ony fiter notes tae docs.
  • |usage= Uised tae replace the staundart Uisage-section wi a uiser defined.
  • |cat= Category name (wioot "Category:"), if it is something mair specific than Bernstarn awaird templates

Templates beginnin wi The lik {{The Jupiter Bernstarn}} should include a {{DEFAULTSORT}} (in this case: {{DEFAULTSORT:Jupiter Barnstar, The}}).