Telugu leid

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Spoken natively in Indie
Region Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Yanam an neighbourin states
Ethnicity Telugu fowk
Native speakers 75 million  (2007)[1]
L2 speakers: ca. 5 million (1997–1999)[2]
Leid faimlie
Writin seestem Telugu alphabet (Brahmic)
Telugu Braille
Offeecial status
Offeecial leid in

 Indie in the follaein states an union territories:

Leid codes
ISO 639-1 te
ISO 639-2 tel
ISO 639-3 tel
Distribution o native Telugu speakers in Indie (as o 1961)
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phonetic symbols in Unicode.

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Telugu (Inglis pronunciation: /ˈtɛlᵿɡ/;[3] తెలుగు telugu, IPA: [t̪el̪uɡu]) is a Dravidian leid an is the anly leid ither than Hindi, Inglis an Bengali that is predominantly spoken in mair nor ane Indian state,[4] bein the primary leid in Andhra Pradesh an Telangana, as well as in the toun o Yanam whaur it is an aa an offeecial leid.

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