Teep 79 submachine gun

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1979 Nianshi Chongfeng Qiang
Evers Type 79 SMG.PNG
Teep 79 7.62mm Submachine Gun
TeepSubmachine gun
Place o oreeginCheenae
Service history
In service1979–present
Uised biFowkrepublic o Cheenae
Production history
Designer208 Institute of the Ministry of Ordnance Industry
ManufacturerCheenae North Industries Corporation
and China South
No. biggit+290,000
Wecht1.75 kg
Lenth740 mm stock extended/470mm stock closed
Baurel lenth250 mm

Cartridge7.62×25 mm Tokarev
ActionGas-Operated, Rotating bolt
Rate o fire1000 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity515 m/s
Effective firin range200 m
Feed seestem20-round box magazine
SichtsRear sight notch

The Teep 79 (Cheenese: 1979年式衝鋒槍; pinyin: 1979 Niánshì Chōngfēng Qiāng; leeterally: "1979 Year Type Submachine Gun") but mair commonly kent (Cheenese: 79式衝鋒槍; pinyin: 79 Shì Chōngfēng Qiāng; leeterally: "79 Type Submachine Gun") is the first generation indigenous submachine gun uised bi the Cheenese military, security, an police forces. The submachine gun wis teep clessifee'd in 1979 an entered mass production in 1983.

The Teep 79 is widely equipped bi the PLAAF an Airmed Forces o the Islamic Republic o Iran (Islamic Republic o Iran Air Force an Aerospace Force o the Islamic Revolutionary Gaird Corps, scout an special operation units, as well as the Fowk's Airmed Polis (PAP), the Public Security Police an the Law Enforcement Force o the Islamic Republic o Iran.

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