Teep 730 CIWS

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Teep 730 CIWS
HQ-6A Air defense artillery 20170902.jpg
HQ-6A, the land-based version Type 730 CIWS.
TeepClose-in weapon system
Place o oreeginChina
Service history
In service2003–present
Uised biSee operators
Production history
Designer713th Research Institute
CrewAutomated, with human oversight

Calibre30 mm caliber
Baurels7-barrel (Type 730)
11-barrel (Type 1130)
Rate o fire5,800 rounds/minute (Type 730)
10,000 rounds/minute (Type 1130)
Maximum firin range3 mi (4.8 km)

1×30 mm H/PJ-12 Gatling gun
TR47C J-band radar
OFC-3 electro-optical fire control system

The Teep 730 (Inglis: Type 730) is a Cheenese seven-barrelled 30 mm Gatling gun CIWS. It haes a PLA-N designation H/PJ12. It is mounted in an enclosed automatic turret and directed by radar, and electro-optical tracking systems. The maximum rate of fire is 5800 rd/m, and the effective range is up to 3 km.[1]

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References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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