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A Teeger

The teeger (Panthera tigris) is a member o the Felidae faimlie; the maist muckle o the fower "muckle cats" in the genus Panthera. Native tae maist o eastren an soothren Asie, the teeger is an apex hunter an an obligate cairnivore. Raxin up tae 4 metre (13 ft) in total lenth an weein up tae 300 kilogram (660 poonds), the lairger teeger subspecies is compearable in bouk tae the maist muckle extinct felids. Aside fae thair great bouk an pouer, thair maist recogneezable featurs is the paitern o daurk vertical strips that owerlays naur-white to reiddish-orange fur, wi lichter unnerpairts. The lairgest subspecies o teeger is the Siberian teeger.