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Flag of the Myanmar Armed Forces.svg
Service branches Myanmar Airmy
 Myanmar Navy
 Myanmar Air Force
Myanmar Police Force coat of arms.png Myanmar Police Force
Commander-in-ChiefSenior General Min Aung Hlaing
Minister of DefenceLieutenant General Sein Win [1]
Deputy Commander-in-ChiefVice-Senior General Soe Win
Militar age16 to 49 years of age
Available for
militar service
14,747,845 males, age 15–49 (2010 est.),
14,710,871 females, age 15–49 (2010 est.)
Fit for
militar service
10,451,515 males, age 15–49 (2010 est.),
11,181,537 females, age 15–49 (2010 est.)
Reachin militar
age annually
522,478 males (2010 est.),
506,388 females (2010 est.)
Active personnel406,000 (ranked 9th)
Reserve personnel72,000 (Paramilitary)
Budget$2.4 billion[2] (2014)
Percent o GDP4% (2014)
Domestic suppliersKa pa sa Industries (Myanmar Defence Industries)
Foreign suppliers
Pairliamentary Seats
Seats in the Amyotha Hluttaw
56 / 224
Seats in the Pyithu Hluttaw
110 / 440

The Tatmadaw (Burmese: တပ်မတော်; MLCTS: tap ma. taw, IPA: [taʔmədɔ̀]), is the offeecial name of the airmed forces of Myanmar (Burma). It is admeenistered by the Meenistry of Defence and composed of the Airmy, the Navy and the Air Force. Auxiliary services include the Myanmar Police Force, the People's Meelitia Units and until 2013 the Frontier Forces, locally known as Na Sa Kha.[3]

Currently, there is nae meelitary draft. Thus, all service personnel are theoretically volunteers, but the People's Militia Law allows for conscription if the President considers it necessary for Myanmar's defence that the provisions of the law be activated. In practice, it has been claimed that the Tatmadaw conscripts adults and children[4] and uses civilians as forced labour and even human mine-sweepers.[5] The Tatmadaw has been engaged in a bitter battle with ethnic insurgents and the narco-airmies[6] since the country gained its independence from the United Kingdom in 1948. However, in a 2014 survey conducted by the Internaitional Republican Institute across all Myanmar demographics shows meelitary is the most favourable institution with 84% of respondents saying either "very favorable" or "favorable" ahead of other institutions such as media, government and Burmese opposition.[7]

The meelitary proposed a defence budget of K 2.36 trillion (USD 2.39 billion) for 2014-15 and was approved by the Parliament.[8] The incumbent Meenister for Defence Wai Lwin revealed at a Parliament section on 28 October 2014 that 46.2 percent of the budget is spent on personnel cost, 32.89 percent on operation & procurement, 14.49 percent on construction related projects and 2.76 percent on health and education.[9]

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