Tasman Sea

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Tasman Sea
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Tasman Sea.jpg
Cairt o the Tasman Sea
LocationWastren Paceefic Ocean
Coordinates40°S 160°E / 40°S 160°E / -40; 160
Basin kintrasAustralie, New Zealand
IslandsLord Howe Island, Norfolk Island
BenchesLord Howe Rise
SettlementsNewcastle, Sydney,
Wollongong, Auckland, Wellington

The Tasman Sea is a soothwasterly marginal sea o the Sooth Paceefic Ocean atween Australie an New Zealand, approximately 2,000 kilometre (1,200 mi) athort. It extends 2,800 km (approx.) frae north tae sooth. The sea wis named efter the Dutch splorer Abel Janszoon Tasman, the first recordit European tae encoonter New Zealand an Tasmanie. The Breetish explorer Captain James Cook later extensively navigatit the Tasman Sea in the 1770s as pairt o his first voyage o sploration.

The Tasman Sea is commonly referred tae in baith Australie an New Zealand as The Ditch; for example, crossin the ditch means gangin tae Australie frae New Zealand or vice versa. In Māori, the Tasman Sea is cried Te Tai-o-Rehua.[1]

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