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Tarutyne Raion

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Location of Tarutyne Raion in Odessa Oblast

Tarutyne Raion ([Тарутинський район Tarutyns'kyj rajon] error: {{lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help)) is a raion (admeenistrative diveesion) in Odessa Oblast in soothwastren Ukraine. It is in the historical region o Budjak in soothren Bessarabie an its admeenistrative seat is Tarutyne.

In the 2001 Ukrainian Census, the raion haed a multi-ethnic population o 45,169 o which 38% wur Bessarabie Bulgaries, 25% Ukrainians, 17% Moldovans, 14% Roushies, an 6% Gagauz fowk.[1] The aurie wis umwhile hame tae a nummer o Bessarabia Germans, which coud hae ance made up a majority in the surroondin auries.

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