Tarsus (skelet)

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Richt fit banes
seen frae ablo (Left) an seen frae abuin (Richt)
7 banes constitutin the tarsus. A - Calcaneus. B - Talus. C - Cuboid. D - Navicular. E, F, G - Cuneiform banes
Tarsal bones - animation01.gif
Bones constituting the tarsus.

  Calcaneus   Talus bane
  Cuboid bane   Navicular bane

  Cuneiform banes (Medial, Intermediate, Lateral)
Laitin ossa tarsi
TA A02.5.09.001
FMA 24491
Anatomical terms o bane

The tarsus is a cluster o seiven airteeculatim banes in ilk fit situatit atween the lawer end o tibia an fibula o the lawer leg an the metatarsus.