Tarim Basin

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Tarim Basin
Xinjiang regions simplified.png
  Tarim Basin
Cheenese name
Leeteral meaninSouthern Xinjiang
Uyghur name
تارىم ئويمانلىقى

The Tarim Basin is an endorheic basin in northwast Cheenae occupyin an aurie o aboot 906,500 km2 (350,000 sq mi).[1] Located in Cheenae's Xinjiang region, it is sometimes uised metonymously for the soothren hauf o the province, or Nanjiang (Turkis: tarım havzası, Cheenese: 南疆; pinyin: Nánjiāng; leeterally: "Southern Xinjiang"). Its northren boondary is the Tian Shan muntain range an its soothren boundary is the Kunlun Muntains on the edge o the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The Taklamakan Desert dominates much o the basin.

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