Tarantula Nebula

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Tarantula Nebula
Emission nebula
H II region
Tarantula Nebula TRAPPIST.jpg
The Tarantula Nebula, first licht image o the TRAPPIST naitional telescope at La Silla Observatory
Observation data: J2000 epoch
Richt ascension05h 38m 38s[1]
Declination−69° 05.7′[1]
Distance160 ± 10[2][3]ly   (49 ± 3 k pc)
Apparent magnitude (V)+8[2]
Apparent dimensions (V)40′ × 25′[2]
Physical characteristics
Radius300 ly
Absolute magnitude (V)~ −11.7
Notable featursIn LMC
DesignationsNGC 2070,[2] Doradus Nebula,[1] Dor Nebula,[1] 30 Doradus
See also: Leets o nebulae

The Tarantula Nebula (an aa kent as 30 Doradus) is an H II region in the Lairge Magellanic Clood (LMC).

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