Tanegashima Space Centre

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Tanegashima is the eastrenmaist o the Osumi Islands, juist sooth o the major island o Kyushu.

The Tanegashima Space Centre (種子島宇宙センター, Tanegashima Uchū Sentā) (TNSC) is a Japanese space development facility. It is locatit on Tanegashima, an island locatit 115 km sooth o Kyushu. It wis established in 1969 when the Naitional Space Development Agency o Japan (NASDA) wis furmed, an is nou run bi JAXA.

The activities that tak place at TNSC include assemmly, testin, launchin an trackin o satellites, as weel as racket ingine firin tests. It is Japan's lairgest space development centre.