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Tot population
c. 75.8 million[1]
Regions wi signeeficant populations
 Indie60,793,814 (2001)[2]
 Sri Lanka3,135,770 (2012)[3]
 Singapore188,591 (2010)[4]
for others see Tamil diaspora
Predominantly: Minorities:
Relatit ethnic groups

The Tamil fowk (Tamilதமிழர், tamiẓar (singular) ? [t̪ɐmɪɻɐɾ], or Tamilதமிழர்கள், tamiẓarkaḷ (plural) ? [t̪ɐmɪɻɐɾxɐɭ]), an aa kent as Tamilians,[7][8][9] Tamilans,[10][11][12] or simply Tamils, are an ethnic group wha speak Tamil as thair mither tongue an trace thair auncestry tae the Indie state o Tamil Nadu, the Indie Union territory o Puducherry, or the Northren, Eastren Province an Puttalam Destrict[13] o Sri Lanka.[14] Tamil fowk wi a population o approximately 76 million livin aroond the warld are ane o the lairgest an auldest o the exeestin ethno-lingueestic cultural groups o fowk in the modren warld.[15]

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