Tamil Nadu

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Tamil Nadu

Truth alone Triumphs
Anthem: Invocation to Tamil Mother
Location o Tamil Nadu in Indie
Location o Tamil Nadu in Indie
Map o Tamil Nadu
Map o Tamil Nadu
Coordinates: 13°05′N 80°16′E / 13.09°N 80.27°E / 13.09; 80.27
Kintra Indie
Establisht26 Januar 1950
Lairgest ceetyChennai
 • GovrenorKonijeti Rosaiah
 • Chief MeenisterJayalalitha (AIADMK)
 • LegislaturUnicameral (234 seats)
 • Chief JuisticeRajesh Kumar Agarwal
 • Total130058 km2 (50,216 sq mi)
Area rank11t
 • Total72,138,999
 • Rank7t
 • Density550/km2 (1,400/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+05:30 (IST)
ISO 3166 codeIN-TN
HDIIncrease 0.666 (High)[2]
HDI rank6t (2011)[3]
Leeteracy80.3 per cent (2011 census)
Offeecial leidTamil
^† Establisht in 1773; Madras State wis formit in 1950 an renamit as Tamil Nadu on 14 Januar 1969[4]

Tamil Nadu (/ˈtæmɪl ˈnɑːd/ TAM-il-NAH-doo; Aboot this soondTamil pronunciation ; Tamil: தமிழ்நாடு; literally "Tamil Kintra") is ane o the 28 states o Indie. Its caipital is Chennai (umwhile kent as Madras), the lairgest ceety. Tamil Nadu is a laund maist kent for its monumental auncient Hindu temples an clessical form o dance Bharata Natyam.[6]

Tamil Nadu is the eleivent lairgest state in Indie bi aurie an the seivent maist populous state in Indie. It is the seicont lairgest state economy in Indie as o 2012.[7] The state rankit 6t amang states in Indie accordin tae the Human Development Index as o 2011.[3] [8] The state haes the heichest nummer (10.56 per cent) o business enterprises an staunds seicont in total employment (9.97 per cent) in Indie,[9] compared tae the population share o aboot 6 per cent. In the 2013 Raghuram Rajan panel report, Tamil Nadu wis rankit as the third maist developit state in Indie based on a "Multidimensional Development Index".[10]

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